New increased super contribution caps

As the end of financial year gets closer, some investors are thinking about the most effective ways to boost their super balance, particularly with an increase in the caps on contributions from 1 July. The concessional contributions cap, which is the maximum in before-tax contributions you can add to your super each year without paying … Read more

Why invest in shares that pay franked dividends?

Key takeaways The key benefits of franked dividends, including tax efficiency, and a stable income stream. How franked dividends can act as an effective hedge against inflation. As a savvy investor, you should always be on the lookout for strategies that not only promise financial growth but also provide a consistent stream of income. One … Read more

SMSFs and property

Understand the rules, costs and risks of setting up an self-managed super fund (SMSF) to invest in residential property. Self-managed super fund property rules You can only buy property through your SMSF if you comply with the rules. The property must: meet the ‘sole purpose test’ of solely providing retirement benefits to fund members not … Read more

Your money in retirement

Living longer means more life to enjoy. If you’re retired, or planning to retire, here are some ways to help make your money go the distance. Claim your government entitlements You may be eligible for government benefits such as: Age Pension Pensioner concessions Health care benefits Tax offsets See Age Pension and government benefits. Keep working, … Read more

Talking about money with your partner

Key takeaways How and when to initiate a conversation with your partner about money. The steps to take when managing your financial future as a couple, such as creating a budget, allocating financial roles, and controlling and eliminating debt. Money can be a sensitive and challenging topic to discuss as a couple, especially if you … Read more

Land banking

Land banking is a real estate investment scheme that involves buying large blocks of undeveloped land. These schemes are often unregulated and there’s little protection if something goes wrong. In a land banking scheme, property developers usually buy land, divide it into smaller blocks and offer it to investors. As an investor, you either buy … Read more

Consolidating super funds

Consolidating your super means moving all your super into one account. It makes your super easier to manage, and saves on fees. Before you consolidate, pick the best super fund for you. You can transfer your super for free in a few simple steps. If you’re ready to consolidate your super now, go straight to … Read more

How to invest in Australia with a small budget

Key takeaways Tactics to invest smartly with a modest budget, such as equipping yourself with knowledge about the financial markets and the investment products on offer. The type of investment vehicles ideally suited to those with a small amount of initial capital, such as Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and micro-investing platforms. … Read more