Budget planning: how to create one

Key takeaways The foundation of any effective budget is calculating the total amount of income you receive on a regular basis to determine how much money you have available Tracking your expenses can help you determine what you’re spending the most money on and where it might be easiest to save Make a list of … Read more

Sustainable investing on the rise

 Sustainable investing is not new, but in recent years it’s moved from the green fringes into the mainstream. From climate change to animal rights and gender diversity, more people are interested in aligning their money with their values. Last year alone, Australia’s sustainable investment market increased 20 per cent to a record $1.5 trillion. According … Read more

Three simple steps for financial wellness

If money’s too tight to mention, here’s some small steps that can make a big difference in achieving your financial goals. How would you rate your level of financial wellness? Do you think you’re in a good position to meet your immediate and near-term financial obligations? What about your long-term goals? They’re tough questions, asked … Read more

Close the gender gap, whatever your age

The numbers say that the average Australian woman retires with barely half (53 per cent)1 the super of the average man. As statistics go, it’s a shocking one. That gap starts to open early in working life, with women aged 25 to 34 having an average super balance of $31,600, compared to an average balance of … Read more

Understand the insurance claims process

It’s easier to make a claim on your life insurance if you gather the right information for your insurer. Who to contact to make a claim To make a claim on your insurance, speak to the person or company you bought the policy from.   If you bought insurance through:  an insurer — contact the insurance company  … Read more

How to spot and stop financial abuse

Until recently, financial abuse was often kept secret, especially where it occurred within the family. Thankfully that’s changing with public awareness campaigns and help becoming more readily available. The emotional and economic damage caused by financial abuse can be far reaching and devastating. A recent Australian report calculates that in 2020 alone, financial abuse victims … Read more

What is portfolio rebalancing?

Just like your car needs a periodic service to stay in tune, here’s why you should rebalance your portfolio from time to time. A portfolio’s asset allocation reflects an investor’s goals and temperament—the need for return as well as the ability to withstand market turbulence. Over time, market fluctuations can affect your asset allocation weightings … Read more

Weighing up cash deposits

Cash in a deposit account doesn’t necessarily equate to safety. That’s why many investors are shifting to fixed interest securities. By any measurement, $2.8 trillion is a lot of money. Expressed another way, it’s $2,800 billion. And it’s also the amount of money – according to Australian Prudential Regulation Authority data from January 2023 – … Read more

Four steps to plan for a better retirement

Here is a practical approach to creating a retirement plan that will help enable financial peace of mind. Many investors concentrate on building their nest egg during their working lives to pay or help pay for their retirement but fail to give enough attention to planning for a retirement that may last 25 years or … Read more