Market volatility and your super

Key takeaways Market volatility ups and downs can be unsettling – that’s why it’s important to remember super is a long-term investment Jumping into and out of investments could jeopardize a long-term retirement savings plan, especially when it comes to your super. And by staying invested, you have the opportunity to participate in the growth … Read more

Why many investors have become more responsible

What exactly does responsible investment mean? Is there trade-off between ESG considerations (investing responsibly) and investment returns? Read on to find out more. A growing number of Australian investors are taking a responsible approach to their investing, quite possibly without even realising they’re doing so. That’s the reality of a rapidly evolving global investment universe, … Read more

Is your super invested the way you want?

Key takeaways Understanding the different types of investments in super and how they work, can help you decide if your current investment approach is right for you A growth investment approach has the potential to provide you with higher returns, over the long term A defensive investment approach aims to provide investors with regular income. … Read more

Is there an increase to the Age Pension?

Almost 5 million Australians received an increase in welfare payments from 20 September 2022. The Federal Government announced the largest indexation increase to pensions in 12 years, while other welfare payments will see the highest rise in more than three decades. The increase has, in part, been driven up by the highest inflation in decades. … Read more

Super for self-employed people

You don’t have to pay yourself super, but when you retire, you might be glad you did. You can make regular or lump sum payments, can usually claim a tax deduction on contributions, and may be able to save tax. Why pay yourself super There are advantages to contributing to super, depending on the type of … Read more

Money saving tips for travel

Travelling cheaply needn’t mean you miss out. Find out the best ways to save big on your overseas holiday plans, and make the most of every dollar. Why you should budget for your overseas holiday Most of us love to travel, but not many can afford to travel as often as we’d like. A trip … Read more

Moving into aged care

Key takeaways The need for aged care can be sudden, often triggered by unexpected changes in health. Also, it can be an uncertain and overwhelming experience for you and your family. Without preparation, a move into aged care can cause great emotional and financial strain. So, what can you do for yourself and your loved … Read more

Guide to concession cards for seniors

The excitement of heading towards retirement and a new stage of life can be tinged with concern over how to manage finances. For many people, seniors’ concession cards are a good way to help make ends meet. While discounts on goods and services are always welcome, they’re even more valued right now as living costs … Read more