When succession planning goes wrong

A family business, complicated relationships… then a death. How poor succession planning saw a father’s wishes come undone. The family thought there was a plan in place. For many years, a father and his two adult sons had run the family business successfully. In that time, a great deal of the business profits were distributed … Read more

Exceeding expectations: top tips to improve your customer experience and emerge stronger in the year ahead

In 2021, customer experience is king and there are lots of ways you can give yours a boost, writes Jason VandeBoom, Founder and CEO, ActiveCampaign. Have a great product or service but not seeing as many customers as you’d like coming, or returning, through the doors? Chances are it’s your customer experience, not your core … Read more

Timing the market: a buyer’s guide to the property cycle

If you are surprised at how prices in cities and regional areas have risen even in the face of the social and economic havoc caused by COVID-19, you’re not alone. If you are thinking of buying property, you may even be a little concerned about what the current property market means for your buying decisions.  Is timing everything, or is time in the market more important? Whether you’re a first … Read more

The rise of female investors

Recent research shows female investors are on the rise–moving ahead of men along the way. There’s been a dramatic increase in the numbers of Australian women investing over the past 12 months. Women made up 45% of all new investors in Australia last year, up from 31% among those who started five to 10 years … Read more

Your Guide to Retirement Living

Retirement villages in Australia offer residents a unique range of retirement living options, including accommodation options, facilities and services. Many retirement villages feature pools, golf courses, regular social events and 24-hour emergency assistance.  For many people, retirement is a new and exciting stage of life where you can relax after years of hard work, take … Read more

What’s an NFT?

NFTs have been circulating in recent headlines, along with words like “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency”. You may have seen them parodied on the U.S. television show Saturday Live or heard them discussed on your favourite podcasts. So what’s all the hype? What’s an NFT What are you actually getting when you buy one What risks are … Read more

What exactly is the FIRE movement?

What is FIRE? If you’ve ever considered early retirement, you could join the FIRE movement. FIRE stands for “financial independence retire early.” During their working years, FIRE investors invest as much of their income as possible in hopes of attaining financial independence at a young age and maintaining it for the long term—a.k.a. retirement. Their … Read more

Managing Complex Property Transactions

For most people, selling one property is stressful enough. Imagine how tricky it is to manage the sale of two properties and refinance two additional properties, all while buying your dream home. This is exactly the situation an MFAA accredited finance broker handled for her clients Greg and Shannon – a couple in their mid-30s. … Read more

Using comparison websites

When you’re comparing things like insurance, credit cards and home loans, comparison websites can be helpful. But they have limitations and may not cover all your options. What to keep in mind They make money Comparison websites are businesses. They make money in different ways, for example: from sponsored links by showing sponsored links before … Read more