Why long-term investing works

Key takeaways One of the main benefits of long-term investing is that it has proven to deliver returns If you hold shares for years, you’re going to incur much lower expenses than a short-term trader Another advantage of time is that if an unforeseen event does occur, you’re able to hold your investments until markets … Read more

Tips to avoid investing badly

While it’s difficult to be the best investor in the world, we can all actively avoid being a ‘bad investor’ by learning from history and staying the course.  Extended periods of market volatility regularly spark discussions around great investors and the traits that qualify folks to be included in that category. This is probably because, … Read more

Transferring your wealth to the next generation

Key takeaways Start the conversation early so younger generations understand what they’re likely to inherit There are strategies that can help to ensure your wealth passes in a tax-efficient manner Testamentary trusts can be beneficial if you want your wealth to remain in your direct blood line. We spend a lifetime generating wealth but few … Read more

Your investing style – as unique as you

With interest rates increasing after a lengthy period of historical lows, it’s a good time to think about how your money is working for you and whether your investing style and strategy is still in line with your goals. Higher interest rates don’t just send a ripple through the economy, aside from the obvious impact … Read more

Three smart ways to indulge in some financial self-care

While you may be putting more focus into self-care pursuits that boost your physical and mental health, have you thought about a little self-care for your finances? Financial educator, Melissa Browne, shares her three top tips to boost your financial wellness. The global wellness economy is worth a whopping $4.4 trillion, which means you’re probably … Read more

Protecting your retirement savings against inflation

Key takeaways: There are some sources of income that provide better protection against inflation such as government benefits, rental income, dividends and commodities It’s important to avoid making rash decisions like shifting to a more conservative investment approach when sharemarkets are falling It’s worth speaking with a financial adviser as they can review your overall … Read more

Wills and powers of attorney

A good estate plan will help make sure your wishes are carried out when you die. It can also help if you become unable to make your own decisions. Estate plans An estate plan records what you want done with your assets after your death. It can include documents such as: your will a testamentary … Read more

Investing for your kids

Investing on behalf of your children can give them a great financial head start in life. And the earlier you can begin, the higher the potential financial rewards for them in the longer term. The combination of regular ongoing contributions and compounding investment returns can add up to a decent chunk of money for buying … Read more

How to deal with rising inflation

Key takeaways Investing a portion of your income is one way you can keep up with, or even outpace, inflation Shopping around for the best deals on your home loan, electricity and insurance, can end up saving you hundreds of dollars over the long-term You can find an extra source of income outside of your … Read more

Six steps to get ready to invest

Planning is the key to successful investing. Creating a plan will help you find investments that fit your investing time frame and risk tolerance, to help you reach your financial goals sooner. 1. Review your finances Before you invest, review your financial situation. Write down what you owe (your debts) and what you own (your … Read more

A retirement plan built to last

Staying the course, and not being distracted by short-term market events, is just as important in retirement as it is at any other time. Retiring from work shouldn’t necessarily equate to retiring from managing your investment portfolio. In fact, taking an active role in your investments during retirement will ensure you have the best chance … Read more